Koh-i-noor is happy to present a one-night screening with following talk.

Felice Hapetzeder (SE)
“Onkel Kurti”(22 min, HDV, 2008)

Today most of us are too young to have any direct experience of Second World War. 
Nevertheless it is still connected to most of us. It has been transferred by second hand by an older generation, which was in direct contact with the facts and the mental state of the time. 
Hapetzeder’s interest in the subject comes from growing up close to a person with ideals that are far from politically correct; and an urge to deal with this mentality and these ideals. 
He has been brought up, at least in periods of his adolescence, by a convinced national-socialist in Austria who made part in the war and never has regretted it or changed his beliefs.
The short-documentary Onkel Kurti reflects the artist’s struggle with his inheritance and the possibility to be affected by it.
This is given the form of a violent, biased but also humorous meeting with Turkish culture at a critical period in its history - 2007.

Onkel Kurti was produced in part during a residency at the IASPIS studio at Platform Garanti, Istanbul.
The specific role of Denmark during the war makes it especially interesting to show the film in Copenhagen.
We hope that the film can be a starting point for discussion and sharing of experiences. 

Felice Hapetzeder is a Swedish artist with parents from Austria and Italy.
She works with video, sculpture, installation art and photography in an expanded field of art and which is mainly concerning questions on national, ethnic, cultural and sexual identity.

Since 2004 Hapetzeder is also part of the artist/architect/curator run project ak28 in Stockholm: www.ak28.org

The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point (KKN) and IASPIS

 For more information: www.hapetzeder.com
 Facebook group Limits of forgiveness: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6405257049

Contact: Marie Kolding Lund, koh-i-noor@koh-i-noor.org

We hope to se see you for the screening on Saturday May 17th. 19.00 - 21.00

KOH-I-NOOOR, Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 Copenhagen V, www.koh-i-noor.org

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