In Division
David Keating

Koh-i-noor is proud to present the exhibition ‘In Division’, which includes a selection of new works by David Keating. The exhibition combines his interests in alteration, repetition, and modular systems. His sculptures often bring together contrasting yet familiar objects that are transformed through appropriation and modification. Within the background of a world based on abstract systems of exchange, Keating’s work addresses questions about object-hood, the commodity and the social exchanges that objects can represent.

Through the use of modular or geometric systems, Keating’s work can appear in any number of different configurations. These endless transformative possibilities exist both materially and conceptually, and have the intention of liberation. But Keating’s democracy is breezy, and without hierarchy. Things are left spinning, endlessly repeating or undergoing continual modification. Functional objects become useless, open acceptance turns into uncontrollable difference and clarity collapses into abstraction.

David Keating’s recent and forthcoming exhibitions include ‘There's a storm blowing up above us’, Galerie Wendt + Friedmann in Berlin, ‘Tales From The Travel Journal Vol. 1’, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, and ‘Show me don’t tell me’, Brussels Biennial 1. He lives and works in Berlin.

We hope to see you for the opening at Koh-i-noor on
Friday, September 26, 5-8 pm

Exhibition Period:          September 27 – October 5, 2008
Opening Hours:          Friday – Sunday, 2-5 pm

For further information about the exhibition, please contact:
Cell no. +45 30 42 87 27