Koh-i-noor is pleased to present Ryan Thayer at Unten Drunter in Malmö.

Ryan Thayer (US)

"Home Theatre"

Koh-i-nor has been invited to do a show at Unten Drunter in Malmö - and for that occasion we're pleased to present Ryan Thayer (US). This is the third time, Ryan Thayer is collaborating with Koh-i-noor, and the exhibition at Unten Drunter is his first solo show in Sweden.

Ryan Thayer's work ranges from architectural installations to photography and sound sculptures. He explores structures of power, and their often contradictory manifestations, in buildings and everyday objects. Through models of consumerism, anonymity, and boredom, he isolates these power structures as objects of contemplation.

Thayer received his MFA from California College of the Arts in 2007, he has also studied at University of California Berkeley and at Regent's College in London. Thayer has exhibited in the United States at Southern Exposure, Pacific Film Archive, Arts Benicia, Sioux City Art Center, and with Koh-i-noor in Denmark . His work was recently included in 'New American Talent' at Arthouse in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Thayer (b. 1980, St. Louis, US) currently lives and works in Berlin


Bragegatan 15
214 30 Malmö

Friday May 9. 5 - 9 pm
Saturday May 10. 1 - 4 pm

OBS! The exhibition will only be on view during this weekend.

We hope to see you in Malmö.
Special thanks to Michael Johansson, Trond Hugo Haugen & Henrik Lund Jørgensen from Unten Drunter.

Unten Drunter is an exhibition space and project run by Trond Hugo Haugen (NO), Michael Johansson (SE) and Henrik Lund Jørgensen (DK). Unten Drunter is situated in a small storage room for bicycles at Bragegatan 15 in Malmö, the same neighborhood as the galleries Elastic, Skåne Konstförening and Malmö Art Academy Gallery. Unten Drunter only shows every exhibition for two days, the opening night and the Saturday that follows, and wishes to complement the other galleries by focusing on art and artists living outside of Skåne. Unten Drunter also joins exhibitions and projects outside of Malmö and are then focusing on art and artists living in Scandinavia.