Many Mini Residency: Copenhagen is pleased to announce to following public hours and events during the upcoming week of January 8-15th at Koh-i-noor.
Please see our website for a full list of participants and the complete residency schedule.

Please join us!

Public Hours
Monday, January 9th: 08:00-15:00, 17:00-24:00
Tuesday, January 10th: 00:00-20:00
Wednesday, January 11th: 12:00-23:00
Thursday, January 12th: 12:00-21:00
Friday, January 13th: 16:00-22:00
Saturday, January 14th: 10:00-14:00, 16:30-24:00


Public Events

Monday, January 9th
Cheer up a Stranger by Gitte Bog
January is a time of darkness and coldness in and a bit of an anti-climax after the Holiday Season. I have asked participants in Mexico City to chose a song for a person in Copenhagen to cheer them up. I will ask the people in Copenhagen to do the same for a person in Berlin, where I am travelling to later the same day. There will also be coffee, sweetbread and a chat available for people, who got time on their hands.
PHOTO BOOTH by Mariana Viegas
COME IN FOR YOUR PICTURE! PHOTO BOOTH will be installed at Koh-i-noor where people are invited in to have their portrait taken.

The Least of My Brothers by Line Sandvad Mengers
Meet and talk to artist Line Sandvad Mengers’ younger brother Mads. Individual members of a group may select aspects of cultural identity, while rejecting or disowning other ideas. The Least of My Brothers is a project about identity in relation to the family as a cultural group.

“Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine,
even the least of them, you did it to Me.”
-Matthew 25:31-46


Tuesday, January 10th

A Texas Twitter by June Woest
In whatever condition the package marked not fragile arrives, A Texas Twitter on blue Copenhagen porcelain will be shown. Aesthetic decisions belong to the receiver at time of arrival, who will include 5-8 documentation photographs of their curatorial decisions, the condition of the package before and after unwrapping, and first impressions in a short email.


Wednesday, January 11th
Paper/Pen Pal by Rikke Hyldahl and Rikke Winther
The exhibition Paper/Pen Pal is concerned with relationships and the small steps that occur during the development of a relationship. Koh-i-noor and Many Mini Residency provides the framework for a dynamic duel where the artists promote themselves in the process. Based on paperworks the artists are alternately challenged to comment on each other’s works, with works. Through the battle the works will develop and go to new, unexpected or expected directions. The process is focused on a field of tension built by a dogmatic approach, which is created by following rules of generally acknowledged social relations, recognition, respect, compromise etc.

Thursday, January 12th
Beauty Question of the Month by Mette Borup
Open studio and exhibition of prints that deal with the representation of women in the media, especially in fashion magazines and ads. It is a feminist, but humorous project, that raises questions about beauty ideals and what women do to gain them. The artist will be working on new prints and you will have the chance to see how the prints are made and learn about printing techniques.

Friday, January 13th
Square Somewhere by Anders Hellsten Nissen
Using the Koh-i-noor Many Mini Residency space as a base camp for ‘mini’ expeditions in three neighboring parks, I will use a metal detector to explore a defined area of 10 X 10m in each park. I will not do any digging nor leave any material behind. I will leave the sites exactly as I found them. The project will be documented photographically and the results of my research will be mapped. During these open hours, I will also return to the base camp to meet friends and others.

Polypulses: On the Urban Flow Filtering Space and Reality by USAG (Urban Sonic Activator Group; feat. Eva Sjuve and Ola Nilsson)
Join us for an experimental sonic collaboration with textual and visual components, a live examination of our two artistic practices, focusing on the parallel flow of sound and information, situated in the urban landscape and the immediate surroundings of Koh-i-noor/Enghaveplads/Railway. This polyphonic performance will be a meeting point of our two artistic practices and will explore how they coincide as we reject or seek out new areas for cooperation with the city of Copenhagen/Vesterbro.

Saturday, January 14th
BHWq Consult by Line Sandvad Mengers and Karen Petersen
BHWq is a platform that works within the methods of the conceptually based arts, where creating concepts in a given context is the professional core. This approach makes it possible to look at various situations and generate ideas for new approaches or problem solving. All projects and requests are welcome.
Guests are welcome to book an appointment at bhwqconsult@gmail.com or stop by for a visit.
Studies for a Portrait by Nanna Lysholt Hansen

Photo/Memory Exchange by Mette Juul
The pictures were taken in the USA by me, Mette Juul. Guests are asked to look through the photographs and if any of them trigger a memory then the picture is yours. What I ask in return is that you write down the memory in one of the books. The relation between images and memory across cultures is investigated in this project. Looking forward to see you.