OUR TIMES is a book release and exhibition with 27 people from different professional backgrounds, who interprets and reflects on our times.

The people in OUR TIMES are:

Agnete Bertram (DK) - Artist 
Amanda Simon (UK) - Artist
Amy Cooper (UK) - Gardener
Anna von Hausswolff (SE) - Artist/Musician
Arendse Krabbe (DK) - Artist
Bronte Dow (AUS) - Artist
Cecilie Skov (DK) - Artist
Christian Skovgaard (DK) - Writer/Illustrator
David Stjernholm (DK) - Artist
Elin Lund (DK) - Architect/Scenographer
Gabriel Bott (SE) - Artist
Gustav Eklund (SE) - Stud. Development Studies
Isaac Clarke (UK) - Artist
Jakob Jakobsson (ISL) - Architect
Jonas Roos (SE) - Artist
Joseph Buckley (UK) - Artist/Curator
Josephine Kylén Collins (SE) - Performer
Julie Blegvad (DK) - STUD. Political Science
Keith Allan (UK) - Artist
Lil Lacy (DK) - Musician
Liv Gry Pflug (DK) - Performer/Singer
Maja Hjertén (SE) - Architect
Maria von Hausswolff (SE) - Cinematographer
Mathias Hancock (UK) - Artist
Sóley Kaldal (ISL) - Risk Management Engineer
Tom Mustill (UK) - Nature Cinematographer
Youngk Kim (US) - Artist/Writer

The opening will have performances and events, and free copies of the book.
The book will also be available as a free download at www.our-times.com from when the exhibiton is open.