in Sea & Space Explorations
4755 York Blvd Los Angeles CA 90042

OPENING:  Saturday August 7, 7-11pm
EXHIBITION TIME:  August 7 – 15, 2010
GALLERY VISTING HOURS:  Saturdays and Sundays 1-6 pm
or by appointment, please write: koh-i-noor@koh-i-noor.org


An underground cultural exchange between Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen and Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles. Thirteen Danish artists will show August 7:

Stine Marie Jacobsen  Present for Kirk Douglas Sample
Photo and text about a social horror project.

Jens Axel Beck  Family Portrait, Pioneer  / Remake of The Pioneer 10 Plaque, Measurements / Bottle Message, Something Else/ Surface Grind Off
4 works: C-print / Gold- anodized aluminum and paint / Bottle, stopper and pen on paper / Sandpaper and sanding block.

Gudrun Hasle  the day i decided to quit antidepressives
In this video an actress is reinacting the precise moment in my youth when I decided to quit antidepressive medicin. The video is recorded in the kitchen of the institution where I used to live.

Sonja Rendtorff  Speaking with words previously recorded  
A sound collage/montage of female voices from films shot in LA 

(aka the Heap of Janes or the Über Jane Heap) was a 24-hour group experiment, an assembly of 7 performing bodies, 7 somnambulant parts, programmed to become aspects of Jane Heap/ jh. [single screen version]

Heidi Hove Pedersen  I am not here
Brass plaque with black engraving for the public space of Sea and Space

Jesper Carlsen  Slip Owl
Manipulated video and computer animation. "Slip Owl" is a direct translation of "Smutugle" which is the name for a common  Moth (Noctua pronuba).The reason for the name being that when you think you have caught it, it slips away.

Jacob Borges  Get to know your neighbor
A stack of ordinary household water glasses and a photograph.

Rasmus Røhling  A  Love Supreme
Through different layers of media the initiator reenacts an interpretation (from masturbation to prayer) of Coltranes jazz-album success "A Love Supreme" released in 1965.

Michala Paludan  77 Slides
77 slides bought for 20 cents a piece at the CalArts library sale, chosen by me from a large pile of slides for no particular reason.

Mette Hersoug  No title. An investigation into architecture, phantom limbs and memory. Sound and projection.

Jane Jin Kaisen & Gus Sondin-Kung  Seodaemun Prison on a Sunday
A video work that documents a former Japanese prison located in
South Korea on a Sunday afternoon.


Koh-i-noor is an independent project space and non-profit organization run by a group of artists based in Copenhagen. Koh-i-noor was founded in 2004 and has since then produced a number of exhibitions, discussions, film screenings, and performances.
Koh-i-noor aims to provide and uphold a collaborative, process-related, informal platform for open thought, information exchange, spatial experiments, interdisciplinary approach and to maintain a reflection on contemporary art. Although operating within an international network, Koh-i-noor's activities are also informed by and related to its local context and situation. The focus of Koh-i-noor is to create a space for experimentation and to have an influence on the discourse of contemporary art. Koh-i-noor seeks to ensure a critical distance and take position towards contemporary cultural and social conditions.

 3 The project is supported by the Danish Arts Council

billeder fra udstillingen
/pictures from the exhibition 01
Sea and Space front

Installation views

Gudrun Hasle

Heidi Hove

Jacob Borges

Jane Jin Kaisen & Gus Sondin-Kung

Jens Axel Beck

Jesper Carlsen

Lea Porsager

Mette Hersoug

Michala Paludan

Rasmus Røhling

Sonja Rendtorff

Stine Marie Jacobsen