Sea & Space Explorations
in Koh-i-noor
Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 København V, DK

OPENING: Saturday August 7, 5-9:30pm
EXHIBITION TIME: August 7 – 17, 2010
GALLERY VISTING HOURS: Saturday August 7th - Sunday August 8th and Thursday the 11th from 1-6pm or by appointment, please write: lara@seaandspace.org

An underground cultural exchange between Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles and Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen. Seven Californian artists and performers will show August 7:

Lara Bank  You Will Make Changes for the Better
Mantra dispenser sculpture

Chris Candelaria  A Friday Evening In Highland Park, CA
An installation depicting the ambient surroundings at Sea & Space Gallery on any given Friday night in Highland Park, CA.

Chris Colthart  CalHal
Omniphonic Frippertronic sound performance

Donna Coppola  Blindly Handing Out Directions
The 4th piece in a series of blindfolded performances.

Amy Blount Lay  The Last Time I Tried To Be Human, I Almost Died.
A portable microinstallation exploring the Selkie myth.

Amy Green  Untitled
Feltscapes, saturated bursts of colors and atmospheres with stained and dyed felt.

Asher Hartman  Resurrection
Climbing a stairway to Heaven in the manner of a highly lubricated Rubens with arthritis, three small paintings.




Founded in 2007 as a non-profit artist run gallery, Sea and Space is a highly collaborative venue dedicated to presenting challenging contemporary art practices largely unsupported by commercial spaces. The space hosts exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances, and happenings. Sea and Space Explorations is a portal to a place where notions of good and bad, market constraints, and fixations with progress are understood to be peripheral, where artists take risks without fear. This space hosts artists whose practices resonate with the conceptual, theoretical, relational, and political.

For more information and schedule of events, please visit www.seaandspace.org

  3 The project is supported by the Danish Arts Council

billeder fra udstillingen
/pictures from the exhibition

installation view

installation view(Chris Colthart,Donna Coppola)

Amy Blount Lay

Asher Hartman

Donna Coppola

Donna Coppola

Lara Bank

Lara Bank