koh-i-noor er stolte af at kunne præsentere ustillingen Opening af Axel Straschnoy (Ag/Fi)
fernisering d.15 april kl. 17 - 20
åbent de følgene to lørdage og søndage kl. 14 - 17



by Axel Straschnoy with the collaboration of Jari Suominen, Geraldine de San Bruno and Piritta Puhto

While studying in Argentina to become an artist and art historian, the only contact I had with the works I was studying was through books; the distance between the works and their representation always frustrated me.

Opening is the book that would have made me happy while I was studying, it is the result of research on other ways to represent past works. It is based on the encounter with its reader and can only be properly experienced first hand.  Publicly it is always shown within a sealed black plastic bag. 

To produce Opening I'm organizing a sale of numbered prints. With the money collected from the sale I will produce as many books as possible and then give them away to the prints’ buyers in a lottery. In the best case scenario, participants in this project will end up with a book and a print and, in the worst case scenario they will still have a numbered original print.

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