The Gusto
Antti Leppänen (Finland)

Dybbølsgade 60
Købehavn V.

fredag d. 8. maj kl. 17 - 20

d. 9. – 17. Maj fredag til søndag kl. 14 - 17

Antti Leppänen’s work exploits the connotative dimensions of materials; the inherent cultural, subjective and tactile significations.

Interested in the cultural significance of various production processes and their role in shaping our surroundings, his work employs a variety of materials from standard-sized construction products to found objects.

The work presented at Koh-I-Noor utilizes a high pressure misting system to create fine mist out of red wine. Although named after a vessel that is normally used for serving wine, Decanter lacks all utilitarian functionality. It is an un-productive machine that celebrates consumption as a spectacle.

The work also explores wine’s cultural implications and potential as a medium for sculpture. The heavily scented mist creates an intoxicating atmosphere in the gallery space and accumulates on the floor into a sticky, ruby-colored surface over the course of the exhibition.

The show derives its title from the English saying “Go for the gusto”

which could be translated as “Indulge yourself.”

In a sense it could also be equated with marketing catchphrases such as

“Just do it”

Antti Leppänen (b.1978) received his Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. This year his work has been included in the group exhibition “Premonitions” in HIAP project room, Helsinki. Starting from July he will be working as the artist in residence at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios in Dublin, Ireland.

The exhibition has been kindly supported by the Arts council of Finland and the
Finnish-Danish Culture foundation.