Danish cultural history 1809 - 2009

Exhibition by Gudrun Hasle

The project room Koh-i-noor
Dybbølsgade 60
1721 Copenhagen V

Contact: Gudrun Hasle
Tel.: +4528779551
Mail: gudrun@gudrunhasle.dk

Opening Friday 6 february, 17.00 – 20.00 Hours
Saturday d. 7  & Sunday 8  february, 12.00 – 16.00 Hours


How does a family archive it's past. And has the artifacts which have survived through generations, an impact on our present lives?

I am born out of a family with a strong artistic and cultural heritage - including both stories and objects. I have always been conscious about the objects and the  persons who came before me. Such as my grandfather the author Thorkil Hansen who has always been important even though I have only known him for a short time, and the fine china which my great grandmother painted and my mother only put at the table on special occasions. There is also a gender history in the artifacts left behind by former generations.

Maybe this cultural production could be one of the reasons why I ended up as an artist?

The emphasis of my work is on living in the world we are in here and now - on this occasion expressed through the history of my family. It is illustrated by the objects produced during the past 200 years each one followed by a small subjective tale about the person behind the the object. It is not just a tale about my family it is also a tale about Danish history. 

billede fra udstillingen
/picture from the exhibition