Patrik Aarnivaara, Ana Bezelga, Maria Lusitano, Rui Mourão, and Fredrik Vaerslev.

Koh-i-noor is proud to present the exhibition AT, BY, FOR, INTO, AROUND THE HOUSE (part two) by five international artists, who have a common interest in architecture.

AT, BY, FOR, INTO, AROUND THE HOUSE (part two) consists of five different approaches dealing with formal, aesthetical, and conceptual dimensions of architecture. A reflection on how spaces and structures affect living conditions, lifestyles, activities, relations, systems, and narratives. There’s a focus on the house as a tangible metaphor; the private dimension (at the house), the social dimension (into, around), the aesthetical dimension (for the house), and the urban context (around the house).

The exhibition project will be shown in several cities during 2008-2009 and with a range of international artists. Part one was shown in Lisbon, Portugal.

Further information:

We hope to see you for the opening at Koh-i-noor on
Friday, November 7, 5-8 pm

Exhibition Period: Nov 8 - 23
Opening Hours: Friday – Sunday, 2-5 pm

For further information about the exhibition, please contact:
Cell no. +45 30 42 87 27

Dybbølsgade 60
DK-1721 Copenhagen V.

Ana Bezelga, Radiant Quarter (Fahrenheit 451) 2008
Fredrik Vaerslev, Modern Living 2007

Maria Lusitano, Moving Away from Home 2008

Patrik Aarnivaara, The Architect and the Artist 2008

Rui Moura, Community Courtyard 2007

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/see pictures from the exhibition